The Configuration view provides access to account-wide RLM configuration and settings.

Email domain whitelist

The Email domain whitelist allows restricting product activations to a specific set of domains used in email addresses.



Adding any email domain whitelist entry immediately blocks activation attempts from any users with non-whitelisted email addresses. When email domain verification is enabled, all activation attempts also need to be verified by end users using an email-based activation verification link.

Adding email domain whitelist entries

To add a new email domain whitelist rule:

  1. Press Add email domain verification.

  1. Specify the desired email domain.

  2. Press Add.

Removing email domain whitelist entries

  1. Locate the entry you wish to remove.

  2. Press Delete on the right.

Using wildcards in domain whitelist entries

You can use the asterisk symbol (*) inside the domain name entry. This will match any number of characters between the literals.

Examples: jrebel.*, *, jrebel-*.com


Adding an asterisk in the end of the domain (i.e. jrebel.*) will only match top level domains. Example would match, but not