Rebel Licenses On-Premise documentation

Rebel Licenses On-Premise (formerly known as License Server) is the on-premise version of Rebel Licenses (formerly known as ZT License Management). It is a central point for controlling and monitoring JRebel & XRebel licenses across a company. This application distributes licenses for developers to optimize the value gained per seat. Rebel Licenses On-Premise also provides access to the licenses management, event viewer, efficiency evaluations and developer behaviour analysis.

Rebel Licenses On-Premise setup and configuration

To use it, you need to set up Rebel Licenses On-Premise and activate your JRebel and/or XRebel clients using the Team URLs.

  1. Download and install Rebel Licenses On-Premise.

  2. Import licenses to Rebel Licenses On-Premise.

  3. Activate JRebel using Rebel Licenses On-Premise or activate XRebel using Rebel Licenses On-Premise.

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