The JRebel ZIP archive can be downloaded from

This is an alternative distribution method. It can be used when no dedicated plugin is provided for your favourite IDE. The archive includes the complete JRebel install directory. Simply unpack the archive to a location of your choice. After unpacking, it would be wise to setup the environment variables. You will make use of it later as you configure JRebel for your application server and project.

JRebel comes bundled with 64 and 32 bit versions for Windows, macOS and Linux. The agent libraries can be found in the lib folder.

Windows 64-bit JDK lib/jrebel64.dll
Windows 32-bit JDK lib/jrebel32.dll
Mac OS X 64-bit JDK lib/libjrebel64.dylib
Mac OS X 32-bit JDK lib/libjrebel32.dylib
Linux 64-bit JDK lib/
Linux 32-bit JDK lib/

To learn more about the agent setup procedure, proceed to server configuration chapter. To learn more about the license installation, proceed to the license setup chapter.