Optional features

XRebel features additional functionality that is disabled by default. These features can be enabled at will via Settings > Settings.

XRebel Session


XRebel Session is disabled by default. To enable it, open Settings > Settings and select Enable HTTP Session monitoring.

Enabling XRebel Session adds the dedicated Session data button to the toolbar and enables session-specific thresholds in Settings.

The session view displays the current state of the user session. Session attributes are displayed as a list. Each attribute can be represented as a tree, depending on the type of the value that is assigned to the attribute.

Press the Session data button on the toolbar to open this view.

The information presented in the session data view includes:

  1. Attribute name.

  2. Attribute value.

  3. Attribute value size (in bytes).

  4. Attribute value size difference (in bytes) – compared to the previous state of the session.


When the attribute value is of a non-primitive type (i.e. an object or a collection of elements), this view provides the ability to dig down into the objects. The object members are rendered within the name column. Open the Sort session data drop-down menu to further sort all results.