This chapter details common issues that may arise when using XRebel.

XRebel with adblock software

Popular ad-blocking browser extensions (e.g. uBlock) can cause XRebel to not function properly. Consider disabling adblock software for web applications that you run with XRebel enabled.

XRebel with Spring Loaded

XRebel cannot be used alongside the Spring Loaded agent. When starting XRebel, Spring Loaded is disabled at startup. You will be notified of this in the console:

XRebel: Spring-loaded agent has been disabled.

Activating using a license file

When you buy an XRebel license, you will receive the license file xrebel.lic via email. You need to activate using this file. This can be done via the activation dialog. However, when you do not have access to the activation dialog (for example with web applications that do not allow toolbar injection), you can also copy the xrebel.lic license file into the .xrebel folder within your user files folder.


When using Windows, the XRebel data folder is located in: C:\Users\username\.xrebel\.

Linux and Mac OS

When using Linux or Mac OS, the XRebel data folder is located in: /Users/username/.xrebel/.